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We have a Steam page now, please wishlist & give us some feedback!

Welcome to the Anomaly Research Institute, investigator!



Project Anomaly: Urban Supernatural Investigator is a 2.5D first-person adventure mystery game where you play as an investigator who solves cases by taking pictures of cryptids, urban legends, & mythological creatures as well as befriending them in an open-world environment inspired by late 1990s - early 2000s cartoons & Y2K retrofuturism. 

A discovery-focused light-action narrative game with an emphasis on taking pictures & reading character dialogues as well as research entries to solve cases. The game is structured in short 6 minutes of gameplay in every investigation shift where players accumulate incremental research progress throughout investigations.

Demo Gameplay: 1-2 hours of content. Based on a thesis project about Exploring Virtual Photography for Interaction Design, Narrative Device, & Educational Tool.


  • πŸ” Solve curious & intriguing cases from simple everyday tasks to mysterious complex tasks by presenting pictures to clients & taming anomalies!
  • πŸ“· Take pictures with The Beholder, a special camera that can see anomalies which might be invisible to the human eye!
  • πŸ‘» Discover 22 anomalies that are based on cryptids, folklore, & mythological creatures around the world and tame 11 anomalies by understanding them in a conversation!
  • πŸŒ† Explore East Borough, a colorful neighborhood in New Noir at 4 different times of the day which includes dawn, day, dusk, or night!
  • πŸ“ƒ Gather clues by interacting with fun characters to solve cases from interesting lab members to locals in East Borough!
  • πŸ›  Acquire Beholder upgrades, such as camera storage extensions, new filters, & accessories to help you solve cases in your investigations!

Future Plans:


Current Demo Updates: 

  • Bug fixes
  • Controller support
  • Accessibility support
  • Mac & Linux builds
  • 3D models & Postprocessing polishes
  • Sprite updates
  • More character inspection dialogues
  • New secret content πŸ‘€

Full Release (TBA): 

  • 5 new levels that spans across all boroughs in New Noir!
  • New Anomalies, Characters, & Cases

Less-likely-to-be-guaranteed for Full Release (TBA)

  • New collectibles: In-game cursors & wallpapers
  • Mystery Builder: Create your own levels, cases, anomalies, & characters
  • Interdimensional Anomaly Community: A community where players can play & share their levels


Created, Developed, Designed, & Written by Adlan A. Ramly

Special Thanks:

Composer & Additional 3D Artist: Hanifa Ammar Amani

Programming Advisor: Ulisses D'Ávila Nascimento

Japanese Language Advisor: Keita Ohshiro

Additional 3D Assets [CC-BY 3.0]: Google Poly, poly.pizza, Smithsonian Institution, POLYGON City Pack, Low Poly Modular Sci-Fi Models (Quaternius)

Additional Sound Effects  [CC-BY 3.0]:  Freesound.com

Current Limitations:

If the game stops working or the save files are corrupted, go to the app data directory and delete all the files here: C:\Users\*YOUR COMPUTER NAME*\AppData\LocalLow\DarkScience\ProjectAnomaly

If you encounter any undocumented problems, please send a message to us with the subject (PROJECT ANOMALY - BUG REPORT: *Your bug*) to adlanarvyanda@gmail.com which includes your specs to be for our future iterations of optimization. Please note that the development is currently handled by one person & please be patient for bug fixes & optimization updates. We apologize for the inconvenience & we will optimize the game to more devices as more testers play the game :)

This is just the pilot episode, everything that you see in the demo here might change in the final version because nothing lasts forever.

We have a Steam page now, please wishlist & give us some feedback!

Any likes, shares, & constructive messages are highly appreciated as it only costs 0$ to be nice to us. Feel free to follow us on Twitter at @DarkScienceLabs & @adlanarv for more updates. 

Enjoy & have fun investigating! :)


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Development log


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Seems interesting but I'm afraid my old i3 laptop will broke playing this game πŸ˜…

It's ok we still need to perform more tests on different devices because the development was only tested on one PC with a 1920x1080 display. Feel free to try it & let us know how it went!

First and foremost I absolutely love this game so far from what I've played. Fun characters and every anomaly is really fun to discover in the nooks and crannies of the areas.

If I could throw out some critiques and bugs I noticed, if it'd help, the main 2 I'd really want to mention is that

1) When you're bringing the camera down and, during the animation, hit the 'night vision' key, it'll turn on night vision with the camera down, revealing anomalies that are only visible with night vision on!

2) For the cursor when selecting things like pictures, the finger icon doesn't exactly match up with the cursor icon, making selecting the 'delete' or 'inspect' buttons on images in the gallery a little disorienting.

I'd also really really implore you to reword the responses to anomalies because during my playthrough, I noticed most of the responses were "antagonize the anomaly" and "be kind to the anomaly" which made it too easy to figure out what the correct path is. That being said, when it's not so obvious, it's really rewarding to put together what the right answer is


Thank you very much for playing & we're glad that you enjoyed the demo! Also thank you for letting us know about the undocumented bugs, we'll add those in our to-do list & hopefully will be fixed in the next update.