Hello Investigators,

 After a year of not being in development, we're back!

 Also we just released a new Demo update v0.35  for bug fixes and QoL improvements just now!

!!! If you already played the demo and have save data in your game, please start a new game or delete the save data to try out the latest changes !!!


Bugs Fixed in v0.35:

We heard all of your feedback and here are the things that we fixed:

  • Missing Player Settings. Now added BGM Volume, SFX Volume, & Mouse Sensitivity
  • Controls are slidey/slippery (change how the player transform is modified)
  • Cases that require you to tame anomalies didn’t load properly when opening a save file
  • Interacting with an object a few seconds before the shift ends will softlock the player
  • Interacting with an object too quick can softlock the player as well
  • Game doesn’t scale with monitors that are not 1600:900 & performance are highly reduced
  • Hide PDA button & icon during a dialogue
  • Loading a save file after quitting can’t load the unlocked filter anymore
  • Filter can be reenabled during the camera on/off transitions


Plans for the future:

 Things that will be in development for the full game

  • Controller support
  • 3D environment polishing
  • 5 new levels which include new cases, characters, & anomalies
  • 5 new camera filters


Currently the game is just being developed in a part-time manner by just one person (me). If we got a lot of support or funding, the game will be developed faster with more consistent progress. If you are interested in being a programmer, 3D artist, or a technical artist, feel free to reach us out! :)


If you enjoyed the demo, feel free to share it with your friends. It's hard to get attention where everyone only looks out for things that are already popular and we would highly appreciate your help!


Embrace the unknown, happy investigating!



ProjectAnomalyDemo-v0.35.zip 122 MB
Jun 13, 2023

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