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After discovering that I needed to right-drag to move in the Kaijupedia, I noticed that all of kaiju cards past the first generation read only "?", despite my genome stats being 30% animal and 41% machine.  Is that intentional?  My kaiju has kept its first-generation animal form without changing.  Since I can see all the first generation forms, I imagine that any of the next generation forms my kaiju could possibly transform into should be revealed in the Kaijupedia,

I sense that I won't at this time be able to complete the game's intended experience.  Since my baby's first transformation I haven't seen its form or battle stats change.  I haven't experienced any difficulty keeping the vitals up either, and volleyball did begin to challenge until I passed first dozen games.  There's definitely a fun idea here though!

its a real cute idea, but I cant seem to progress past the first transformation. I keep getting "george seems to have transformed in the night" messages but nothing has changed. Forever stuck as a bubble embryo

I have a similar problem, that my kaiju has remained as its first transformation.  I've had both baby mecha and animal forms, but no forms beyond those two.

I also noticed playing the web version that the keyboard input wasn't recognized.  This meant at first that I couldn't change its (GEORGE's) name, but then I couldn't proceed from the volleyball training minigame.  The ball sat on top the net because I couldn't move.


Pretty decent overall, but on a chromebook its a bit laggy at times. I wonder when the combat can be unlocked... but in the meantime I hope you do well!


How do you scroll down in the kaijuupedia?

It's click + drag, but thanks for pointing that out, it's not particularly obvious!  Will either change or add some instructions in the next version.


It seems the game doesn't work on newer Mac devices which possibly because they use Metal & they deprecated support for OpenGL. We'll look into this issue soon when the game jam evaluation period is finished!

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Mac OS  Version will not run. Upon decompression and running, I get a dialog that says it's damaged and cannot be run.


Such a fun game and amazing graphics! I really enjoyed the 2D within 3D style, and it was definitely a laugh as I fed my creature humans and machines.


<3 love it!


XD Already reached the 2nd evolve and Animal 500% Genom XDDDD
Keep going mate gotta follow y

Thank you for playing! 

Glad you enjoyed it!